Hi, I’m Andy Roberts and welcome to my Blog!

its me

Currently I live in Auckland, New Zealand and work for a company called Vista Entertainment as a Cloud Engineer. Day to day, this means I am working primarily with Azure, but also with AWS. So each day I’m building infrastructure, automating deployments with tools such as Powershell and Terraform and generally all things Cloud.

Before that I spent several years with companies such as WEX Inc which is where I honed my Cloud skills working on some pretty massive AWS deployments. As well as that I enjoyed a lot of exposure to multiple companies infrastrcture, both cloud and on-prem with Engineer and Sys Admin roles at companies such as DXC and Unisys.

Outside of my day job I’m a dad to two amazing girls and an even more amazing wife, living in Auckland, NZ after leaving the UK 12 years ago. I used to be a “semi-professional” racing driver, which means I was doing it seriously enough to to try and make it a career, but I wasn’t being paid for it haha! I won 3 British Karting titles before moving into cars, racing in the UK and the USA, and in general just being a motorsport fan. As well as that I’m now an avid runner, completing my first Half Marathon in 2020 and now trying to talk myself into entering an IronMan Triathlon!!!

I hope you find the blog topics useful and any feedback is always appreciated!